July has been a great month for meeting many talented founders. The flow of investment opportunities I am seeing is fantastic. I am excited that last week I invested in Mattermark, a fast-growing analytics company with great Silicon Valley traction and plans to expand far beyond. They have established great rapport with the venture community already. Danielle Morrill, their CEO, has a vision for the future of analytics that is very similar to mine. That alignment combined with great initial execution made investing an easy choice.

Mattermark is an analytics platform bringing big data and machine learning to the art of dealmaking. We are excited to have invested in a $2mm seed round alongside Andreessen Horowitz, Flybridge Capital, Felicis Ventures, and Dave Morin, as well as existing investors New Enterprise Associates, SV Angels, Eric Ries, and several others. Mattermark’s founders Danielle Morill, Kevin Morrill, and Andy Sparks are talented entrepreneurs with solid complimentary skills.

Mattermark's groundbreaking analytics are helping thousands of professionals research, prospect, track, qualify, and benchmark signals of growth and news coverage for more than 200,000 private and public technology companies around the world. They have more than 200 paying customers including venture capital firms, angel investors, corporate and business development professionals, venture banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, top tier consulting firms, sales and marketing professionals.

Finally, and not to be missed, Mattermark curates my favorite daily newsletter of the best in startup blogging and news. I encourage you to signup: https://mattermark.com/app/Newsletter