I am happy to announce two more investments in stellar companies—Do and SketchDeck. Both companies are reinventing how we work, and both were founded by strong product leaders. I am excited to be a part of the future they are creating.

As the year nears its end, I look back on the last six months and feel blessed. This all started with an idea and has become something very real. Each month has been more positive than the one before. It was only June when we made the first fund investment, and we will close 2014 with seven companies—every single one of which I am very proud to be involved with. The future looks bright. Look for many more announcements to come.

Do Seed Investment

Do improves how we do meetings. Do provides a private cloud for each meeting, with everything in one place—the files, notes, followups, outcomes, and more. Aside from cleverly snatching the best domain name ever, I'm very impressed with founder Jason Shah, who came with the highest recommendations from everyone. We are participating in a $1.6m round alongside Dave Morin (Slow Ventures), Jim Patterson (Cotap), Sherpa Ventures, Salesforce, and a few undisclosed investors.

Do's traction to date is strong. Launched four months ago, they are a team of five and are already used at 2,800+ companies, while growing the user base upwards of 40% per month. Soon Do will be launching mobile apps, Exchange integration, and lots more.

With Do, you have no more bad meetings. You set an agenda so people know what the meeting is about. You relate meetings to one another to increase continuity in your work. You search meetings so you never lose track of your work. And notes are automatically sent out afterwards so that you don't waste time reporting out. Do means the end of bad, unproductive meetings.

SketchDeck Angel Investment

SketchDeck brings design to the rest of us. I met Chris, the founder, last winter at Y Combinator and have watched as he has since build solid traction. I'm excited to be backing another McKinsey alum—an alum, no less, who found inspiration for the product from one of McKinsey's core resources: its on-demand production and design teams. We are joining an earlier investors Y Combinator, Dharmesh Shah (founder Hubspot), Arjun Dev Arora (founder ReTargeter), Oliver Jung (investor Airbnb, Houzz), and many others.

I am impressed by the revenue traction the team built since launching early this year, sustaining 20% monthly growth. The team has steadily introduced new product and features, and has started successfully expanding into the large enterprise market.

At the heart of SketchDeck is a bespoke design platform and a battle-tested set of UX flows. SketchDeck understands customers’ needs the whole way through the order journey, giving them the support and expectation setting they need at each stage. The platform automates orders from the first customer interaction, work iterations, billing, and reordering. And they’ve developed simple, asynchronous ways of coordinating designers working with each customer.